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At Dance Collective, we like to encourage our dancers to challenge themselves to take their dancing ability to the next level and to push themselves to be the best they can be. The competitive program is designed for serious dancers who demonstrate discipline  as well as passion for performing. Students must show drive and determination in all classes, commit to a demanding rehearsal schedule, as well as demonstrate a strong work ethic to their teachers and classmates.

There is a great sense of self-confidence and accomplishment when participating on Dance Collective's Competitive Company.

In addition to choreography, new skills, and strengthened technique and poise, the company provides the students with a true sense of teamwork as well as builds upon their self-esteem. This is an excellent learning experience for all and the amount of long-lasting friendships and memories are endless!

In order for your child to be on the DC Company, they must set up a parent/dancer meeting with the Artistic Director

In order to qualify for the DC Company, your child must:

  • Be at least 6 years of age or older and must be currently taking the appropriate Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Stretch and Strengthen classes.
  • Committed and Disciplined; all dancers are expected to attend all classes, and are strongly dedicated to their group/solo/duet.
  •  Is at the ability level that is capable of handling and remembering dance choreography.

For more information about the Team, or for inquires about Auditions, please contact us by email at: