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Welcome to our Family!

 With passion, discipline, commitment and motivation, we at Dance Collective are dedicated to providing a safe, positive and encouraging environment for our students to flourish "collectively."


 Why Choose Dance Collective Studio?                                            Benefits of Dance
                                                                                    We believe that dance helps to develop:                                    

  • Family friendly studio!                                                                  - Confidence                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • A comfortable, positive, and encouraging environment               - Self-Esteem 
  • All of our staff know each student by name!                               - Social Skills 

  • 3 Studios specially equipped with sprung dance floors               - Communication Skills

  • Offer a variety of recreational and competitive dance                 - Respect 

  • Office and administration staff readily available                          - Time Management Skills
  • Small class sizes! We have a maximum of 12                              - Discipline 
    students per class    

  • Each class implements the "Spotlight" program                          - Strong Work Ethic
    once a month, which allows for the dancers to take
    the spotlight in their class. This teaches the dancers
    the importance of expression and lets the students show
    their passion through improvisational dance.